Seniors - Latest Fixtures

Men DayTimeOppositionCompInfo
1stsH Mon 20th Aug7.30pm Pre-season Training   
Ladies DayTimeOppositionCompInfo
1stsH Mon 20th Aug7.30pm Pre-season Training   
2ndsH Mon 20th Aug7.30pm Pre-season Training   
3rdsH Mon 20th Aug7.30pm Pre-season Training   

Juniors - Latest Fixtures (Leinster League)

Boys DayTimeOppositionCompInfo
U16HSun 2nd Sep12.30pmREGISTRATION  
Girls DayTimeOppositionCompInfo
U16AHSun 2nd Sep10amREGISTRATION  
U16BHSun 2nd Sep10amREGISTRATION  
U14A HSun 2nd Sep10amREGISTRATION  
U14BHSun 2nd Sep10amREGISTRATION  

Juniors - Blitz Fixtures (Primary School Classes)

Girls DayTimeOppositionCompInfo
1st & 2nd ClassHSun 2nd Sep12.30pmREGISTRATION  
3rd & 4th Class HSun 2nd Sep 11.30am  REGISTRATION   
5th & 6th ClassHSun 2nd Sep11.30amREGISTRATION  
Boys  Day Time Opposition   
U12 & U10HSun 2nd Sep12.30pmREGISTRATION  
U14HSun 2nd Sep 12.30pmREGISTRATION  

Welcome to Suttonians Hockey Club

In 1958, after the annual past pupils versus present pupils hockey match in Santa Sabina, the idea of forming a local hockey club in Sutton was raised. After a little research, Doreen Howe and Pauline Scott went into the Leinster Branch to register this new Northside Club. Unsure of what to call themselves, they choose the name Dominican Past and their Club crest was a seagull. The Club uniform was the same uniform worn by the pupils in Santa Sabina at the time. However, Dominican Past adapted the bottle green skirt slightly by stitching red ribbon around the bottom of it! Matches were played in Santa Sabina on a pitch with a hill! 

Before long the Club’s name was changed to Suttonians Hockey Club and the Sutton Ladies moved to Suttonians Rugby Club to play their matches. New wood was purchased and the instructions in the rule book were meticuously followed to put the goal posts together. The pitch was marked and Suttonians Hockey Club were ready for action. There was even a Clubhouse of sorts. A corrugated lean to shed was put up, so that there were changing facilities and somewhere to have a post match chat over a cup of tea, which was freshly brewed on a primus stove!

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